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Filtration Technology and associated Process Engineering

MPS is proud to be associated with Sulphurnet through a marketing agreement whereby MPS acts as a representative office for Sulphurnet.

With over 30 years of experience SULPHURNET has become a global player providing process engineering and separation solutions for the Chemical Process Industry.

SULPHURNET brings together the knowledge of process engineering, filtration technology and outstanding skills in mechanical engineering.

SULPHURNET offers successful process solutions. These solutions are designed for application-specific needs, to meet all process performance requirements by our clients. From the first contact throughout production and delivery to after-sales support, SULPHURNET clients benefit from an unrivalled combination of application knowledge, process expertise and after-sales service.

SULPHURNET is your world-leading developer and supplier of complete solid/liquid separation solutions.

Our filters

Pressure Leaf Filters

SULPHURNET Pressure Leaf Filters are suitable for various filtration processes including the Merrill Crowe gold winning process.

The Vertical Leaf Filter is supplied as a horizontal tank with vertical filter leafs. The filter can be made in various grades of steel and stainless steal. Internal Rubber Lining or Teflon coatings can be applied. Internals are manufactured from Stainless Steel, Titanium,Polypropolene or PVDF, offering a long service life with maximum corrosion resistance and minimal maintenance.

The filter leafs are positioned in a manifold with a double O-ring sealing arrangement. The filter leafs filter on both sides, offering a large filtration area in a relatively small vessel.

The filter medium can be pre-coated with a cellulose filter aid where the particles are retained. A Highly Efficient Travelling Sluice System assures thorough removal of contaminants while conserving wash fluid.

Self Cleaning Candle Filter (SCCF)

The SCCF consists of a vertical cylindrical shell with a number of outlet manifolds mounted in the lower portion of the filter tank. During filtration, the suspended particles are retained on the surface of the filter media covering a support candle.

This causes an increase in pressure differential. As soon as the maximum allowable differential pressure is reached, filtration is interrupted to dry and remove the filter cake from the candles.


At the end of the filtration step, the remaining brine (heel) is drained and returned to the brine feed tank. The cake remains on the filter candles and is dried.

The dry cake discharge takes place by a gas pulse from the reverse direction. During the back flush cycle the filter media expands and changes shape.

The cake cracks and drops into the conical bottom and leaves the filter via a large diameter butterfly valve.

Sparkler Horizontal Plate Filters

UntitledSPARKLER horizontal plate filters are particularly well suited for fine filtration and polishing applications. They function equally well under continuous or intermittent operation. The horizontal plate orientation assures uniform and stable filter cake formation and the cake can be subjected to as many consecutive processes as required, such as washing, drying ect., in one cycle. The use of a great variety of filter media including paper, cloth, synthetic and wire mesh are permitted. The Sparkler Horizontal Plate Filter combines the advantages of horizontal plate orientation with recovery of the complete batch.


Typical Applications

Liquid Sulphur - Sulphuric Acid - Mining - Titanium Oxide - Caustic / Brine - Catalyst Recovery - Activated Carbon - Sugar & Starch - Vegetable Oils

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